Friendly and Professional Networking
Open4Business is an exciting networking organisation that brings business together in a friendly and professional environment that opens the door for new business development. asdhuf oishadf oisad
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Launch Meeting

Be one of our first visitors to the new and exciting Open4Business format at Cote Brasserie, Bluewater.

Our meetings are based on the following format:

  • From 7:30am for open networking (tea & coffee)
  • 8:00am Meeting start with introductions and format
  • Everyone has the opertunity to present their business for 90 seconds
  • Servered breakfast with opertunity to break out
  • Opertunity to Connect cards passed (find out more, leads, referrals and introductions)



Our advantages

O4B's aim is encourage new business opportunities and does not require its attendees to bring referrals
We do not charge an annual fee and meetings are held once a month.
Business Hour Friendly - Not too early but still doesn't eat into your working day 

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Andrea Morello

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